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SOFTWARE: New THOR from Instantel features advanced analysis

KANATA, ON – Powerful event analysis tools at your fingertips from Instantel! With THOR advanced features, event data can be sliced and diced any way you’d like.

With THOR users can view and transform your event data without altering the original event file. Waveform data can be converted between velocity, acceleration and displacement for reporting flexibility. Data can be filtered, truncated, shifted, frequency weighted, displayed in third octave bands and more.

Use THOR to transform blasting data without altering the original event file.

Turn your blasting data into a powerful predictive tool. Simulation tools like Signature Hole Analysis can help evaluate and improve blast design and timing patterns. With Signature Hole Analysis, a simulated waveform is produced based on your time delay inputs. This lets you simulate a larger blast using vibration data from a single shot or row, helping you achieve the results you want.

With THOR’s advanced analysis tools, you can perform additional calculations and octave data conversions on unfiltered sound clips. With these tools, you can calculate sound exposure levels, dose percentages and projected dose percentages. You can even play back sound clips recorded with a Minimate Pro sound level microphone.

THOR’s advanced features also include support for Minimate Pro advanced event reports. Using THOR, users can define unit setups with advanced settings for Minimate Pro monitors and advanced sensors, like hydrophones, high frequency geophones and accelerometers. You can then view, print, download or analyze the advanced event reports.

Advanced features for THOR are available as two subscription options: monthly or yearly. Once your order has been processed, Instantel will email you a license key. To get started, it’s as simple as entering your license key in THOR. After that THOR will automatically update each time there is a new release. It’s as easy as that!

 For more information, or to get started, contact an Instantel sale representative or visit

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