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SOFTWARE: RPMGlobal acquires Revolution Mining Software

Mining scenario Credit: RPMGlobal

Mining scenario Credit: RPMGlobal

AUSTRALIA – RPMGlobal has announced that it is purchasing Revolution Mining Software, a private Canadian-based mine scheduling optimization company.

Revolution Mining’s flagship product is the Schedule Optimization Tool (SOT), a financial mine scheduling optimization solution.

According to RPMGlobal, SOT is the industry’s only strategic financial optimization tool for underground mines, which enables mine planners to improve productivity and profitability by optimizing the net present value (NPV) of the mine schedule. This acquisition is expected to extend the strategic capability of RPMGlobal’s scheduling solutions.

The SOT scheduling program adds value to mining operations in several ways: it generates life-of-mine schedules that meet pre-specified constraints and optimizes NPV based on the user’s financial model.

“We will invest in (Revolution’s) industry-leading scheduling optimization tools to deliver even more innovative solutions that add real value to our customers,” Richard Mathews, RPMGlobal’s CEO and managing director, said in a release. “RPMGlobal was born from the belief that mine planning needs to be built on sound economics and the Revolution Mining products strategy is completely aligned with that core value.”

As part of the acquisition, RPMGlobal has also acquired Revolution Mining’s Attain and SurfaceSOT software products. Attain is a software solution which works to ensure that operational mine planning is aligned with the long-range plan. SurfaceSOT works to maximize the NPV for all types of mining operations by optimizing their long-range schedules; this includes stockpile management to minimize material re-handling.

Following completion of this transaction, all of Revolution Mining’s employees and management will move into the RPMGlobal business. SOT emerged out of research completed by Mirarco, a not-for-profit corporation of Laurentian University in Sudbury, known for solving mining challenges.

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