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SURVEY: Geoscience BC hunts for new copper-silver-molybdenum occurrences

VANCOUVER – Geoscience BC says its recent Search Phase II project over the west-central part of the province was the largest geophysical survey conducted in Canada last year. The results indicate that there is potential for new copper, silver and molybdenum discoveries.

Geoscience BC flew the largest geophysical survey in Canada last year. (Photo: Geoscience BC)

Three Cessna aircraft equipped with magnetometers flew over a 24,000 km2 area recording local magnetic variations that have been mapped to provide data for explorers to analyze and focus their efforts.

The Search Phase II survey fills the gap between the Search Phase I work in 2015 and the TREK survey of 2013. Together the three surveys provide continuous, high quality data covering 55,000 km2.

The Search Phase II summary report, digital data, survey maps and data in the Earth Science Viewer is available on the Geoscience BC website (

The BC government has pledged $10 million in new funding over two years to Geoscience BC in support of mineral, water and energy earth science in the province.