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SUSTAINABILITY: MAC adds child labour to list of unsustainable practices

The Mining Association of Canada has strengthened its stance against child and forced labour in the mining supply chain. (Credit: Pulitzer Center)

OTTAWA – On Sept. 18, the Mining Association of Canada added new measures to its Toward Sustainable Mining (TSM) program to prevent the use of child and forced labour in the mining supply chain.

Canada has rigorous legal measures in place to prevent child and forced  labour, said MAC, but as the TSM initiative is expanding globally the specific inclusion will guide miners worldwide.

This addition responds to the needs of organizations such as Apple and the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition to ensure and demonstrate that such labour practices have no place in the supply chains.

Mining companies that participate in TSM must commit to “respecting the rights of our workers and not engaging in practices of forced or child labour, as defined in ILO Conventions 29, 138 and 182.”  To ensure this commitment is being adhered to, independent verifiers will assess whether participating mines have processes in place to ensure that there are no instances of child and forced labour in their business.

MAC said this recent enhancement to TSM complements the association’s new membership commitment requiring companies to implement the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.

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