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SUSTAINABILITY: Seequent launches Contaminants modelling solution

Leapfrog Works Contaminant extension Credit: Seequent

Leapfrog Works Contaminants extension Credit: Seequent

NEW ZEALAND – Seequent, a geoscience software company, has released a Contaminants extension for Leapfrog Works, its 3-D modelling and analysis product.

The integrated solution allows geoscientists to create 3-D models of subsurface contamination plumes to reliably define and estimate the extent of the contamination and its location. The visual models can also be shared with stakeholders.

“By combining 3-D dynamic geological models with best practice geostatistical methods, we’re enabling people to build, maintain, communicate and track defensible interpretations and mitigation strategies for contamination resolution – enabling better, transparent decision-making,” Thomas Krom, Seequent’s environmental segment director, said in a release. “The Contaminants extension leverages Leapfrog’s intuitive workflows to allow users to be productive almost immediately, making industry-standard geostatistics accessible for everyone and valuable on any sized project.”

Leapfrog Works with the new Contaminants extension is part of Seequent’s contaminated site solutions offering.  Leapfrog Works allows users to quickly build 3-D models from environmental data. The geostatistical tools in the Contaminants extension allow users to create estimates of contaminant mass and location in saturated and unsaturated zones.  

Seequent Central, the company’s cloud-based data and model management solution, allows teams and stakeholders to share the data and collaborate on models from any location.

Seequent solutions enable clear communication to end clients, regulators, and the general public with 3-D models of contaminated sites and associated groundwater systems in a fully auditable data-driven approach across the entire lifecycle of site management,” Krom concluded.

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