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TRADE: Canada-Europe agreement: Canada at the centre of a trade space with a billion consumers

MONTREAL: The Aluminium Association of Canada welcomes the signing of the Canada Europe Trade Agreement (CETA). “Canada will become the centerpiece of a 1 billion consumers market: from NAFTA in America to CETA in Europe,” states Jean Simard, President and CEO. Thriving on international trade, the aluminium industry, has always supported the forging of an agreement between Canada and Europe, ever since the project was initiated by Jean Charest when he was premier of Quebec.

“This signing bodes well for our industry. Although it is not a panacea for all of the problems we have faced since 2008, it puts us in a favourable position for the future and should benefit our value chain with potential new investments. It establishes Canada as a new global trading space linking NAFTA and CETA,” says Mr. Simard.

The Aluminium Association of Canada recognizes the excellent work of the negotiating teams not only in Canada, but also in Quebec and, specifically, former premier Pierre-Marc Johnson.

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