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TRUCK: New high capacity MT2200 from Epiroc shifts into drive

Epiroc’s new Minetruck MT2200 has sleek dimensions to make tight spaces less tight.

SWEDEN – The new Minetruck MT2200 from Epiroc is now ready for rollout to boost underground haulage capacity and efficiency in mining operations throughout the world. The Minetruck MT2200 shares the same sleek dimensions of its popular Minetruck MT2010 predecessor, but the newest Minetruck can capably transport even heavier loads of up to 22 tonnes.

Besides innovative safety essentials and a compact design that is ideal for maneuvering through tight spaces, the new Minetruck MT2200 incorporates other winning characteristics, including easy access to service points and ergonomic seating and controls for optimal operator comfort. The sturdy Minetruck MT2200 can also reach fast incline speeds to ramp up an operation’s productivity.

Expect productive and reliable operations. With smart system and robust component Minetruck MT2200 ensures productivity, reliability, operator safety and comfort along with ease of maintenance.

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