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WATER: ICMM publishes new water reporting guide

LONDON, U.K. – Globally, there is a clear call for greater transparency and disclosure on water use and management from all those who use it. This is especially true for the mining and metals industry considering its high water dependency and potential to impact water resources.

The new guide to water reporting can be downloaded as a PDF file. Credit: IMCC.

In response, ICMM has developed this guide to support the industry in making consistent, transparent and material water reports, based on key elements of existing disclosure and accounting systems.

This guide is focussed on:

  • defining an appropriate set of standardized water reporting metrics for the mining and metals industry;
  • outlining the minimum disclosure standard for member companies which sets a transparent benchmark for the industry; and
  • providing practical guidance around preparing corporate water summaries and meeting the minimum disclosure standard.

The implementation of the approach outlined in this guide supports the leadership commitment on water stewardship that ICMM announced in January 2017.

Leadership on water stewardship is required from all parts of society and our members are required to apply strong and transparent water governance, manage water in operations effectively and collaborate to achieve shared water benefits.

This includes, amongst other elements,  the public reporting of water performance using consistent industry metrics, and to maintain a water balance and understand how it relates to the cumulative impact of other users. ICMM members will be required to comply with the disclosure standard and associated metrics included in this document from November 2018 to meet the commitments of the position statement.

The ICMM encourages the adoption of this approach by the broader industry as a way to provide meaningful information that supports better water use, effective catchment management and to contribute to overall improved water security and sanitation for all.

Download a copy of A practical guide to consistent water reporting from the website of the International Council on Mining and Metals,

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