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SAMSSA and the future of mining

Paul Bradette of SAMSSA outlines the role of northern Ontario's mining supply and service companies in the future of mining

As SAMSSA – the Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Association – looks to evolve into a pan-northern organization and extend its global reach, the association’s future goals are designed to maximize the value of our membership, expand our presence to other jurisdictions and increase sales for our members. There has been a substantial increase in SAMSSA membership recently as more and more companies see the value that we can bring in supporting their daily operations and overall growth.

As part of our northern expansion strategy, SAMSSA will have dedicated directors for each of the five northern cities who will oversee SAMSSA initiatives in their respective jurisdiction.

The pace at which our suppliers are transforming the mining industry keeps our cluster top of mind throughout world. It is impressive how our member companies are able to make use of all available technology to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint and improve safety while facilitating an increase in productivity – all at a lower cost.

The industry is evolving so quickly in terms of artificial intelligence, automation and the internet of things that walking through an underground mine in 2030 will see a significantly changed working and operational environment.

SAMSSA has hosted some of the largest mining companies in the world as they look to this cluster to unlock value within their operations. As an organization, our responsibility is to support our members and ensure their innovations get the attention of both regional and international mining companies.

Our incoming missions program has a similar focus, seeking to attract only qualified buyers to take part. Some of the upfront planning includes providing them with our electronic catalogue where they choose the companies that are the best fit for their needs. That way we are better equipped to make the best possible match to ensure the primary outcome is sales.

For 2020, SAMSSA will host at a minimum two incoming visits with qualified buyers from both North and South American companies.

SAMSSA has recently completed the development of our new website, which will form the cornerstone for our new lead generation campaign targeting both domestic and international clients. The “Find a Supplier” link on our website will be the primary marketing piece. The focus of the campaign is to develop collateral marketing initiatives designed to drive mine operators, contractors and EPCMs to our website so they can source the goods they rely upon to maintain their operations.

Moving forward our primary focus will be on connecting with the 38 operating mines in Ontario as well as a targeted program to reach mine operators in our bordering provinces and identified states. Through our international partners, the campaign will be extended globally to drive more sales and export opportunities.

Paul Bradette is SAMSSA’s director of business development  ( 

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