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DRILL: New Sandvik top hammer DXi covers more area, boosts productivity

SWEDEN – Sandvik has introduced its new Ranger DXi series of top  hammer drills that feature superior drilling coverage – up to 55 m2. The 290° coverage is made possible by the revolving counterweight superstructure on each rig.

The superstructure of Sandvik’s Ranger DXi top hammer drills rotates 290° giving it more coverage and more drilling time per shift.

Sandvik says that compared to other drill rigs in the class, the DXi series will drill up to 60 minutes more per shift thus reducing production costs.

Filled with fresh intelligence features, the new Ranger DXi’s are not only efficient but also comfortable to operate.

Despite the rig’s ability to rotate, its counterweight structure ensures stability by maintaining weight opposite the boom. Ranger DXi rigs are extremely mobile, thanks to a low center of gravity and high tramming power. In addition to the benefits owing to the revolving superstructure, new Ranger rigs are equipped with an extra tilt joint to enable the best reach also in vertical up-hill drilling.

Ranger DXi rigs are equipped with a novel feed system featuring a carousel-type rod handler and GT60 tools as an option. The linearly moving retainer allows you to drill 30 cm deeper than before.

The Ranger DXi series rigs feature a cabin with extremely low noise level, onboard diagnostics, a circulating shank lubrication system, and even 120 fewer hoses than before – just to name a few of the new, efficiency-boosting details. Together with the most powerful rock drill family – Sandvik RD920 series – the new Rangers will make lucrative drilling as safe and as comfortable as it can be.

Sandvik has equipped the Ranger DXi series with all its intelligent features – automation, troubleshooting functions, Torque drilling control, full radio remote control and an optional hole navigation system.

Visit Sandvik’s mining division website at or call Sandvik Mining and Construction Canada at 844-380-1539.

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