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DRILLS: Atlas Copco adds more safety to Diamec Smart series

STOCKHOLM – Atlas Copco has introduced core drilling rigs that eliminate many of the hazardous operations for mines involved in underground core drilling.

The control panel of the Diamec Smart 6 from Atlas Copco.

The control panel of the Diamec Smart 6 from Atlas Copco.

The risk of handling inner tubes and drill rods, while extracting core samples, is a well-known problem for drillers around the world. Despite safety regulations, accidents with severe injuries still occur.

Atlas Copco’s Diamec Smart core drilling rigs have an advanced control system that enables automatic functions such as drilling and adding and removing of rods. By using the unique rod handler, the operator can perform the work from a safe distance. All adding and removal of in-the-hole (ITH) equipment is done automatically.

The automatic functions not only increase the safety for the operators, they also improve the working environment and increases productivity. A 3-meter long inner tube with core samples can weigh about 100 kg, and the handling is heavy and hazardous. The rod handler eliminates operator fatigue and helps keeping the pace during an entire shift.

The improved control system on the Diamec Smart is based on the rig control system (RCS) that is used for all drilling rigs from the mining and rock excavation business unit at Atlas Copco. More than 20 important improvements have been made in both hardware and software compared to the previous control system, making it even more robust and reliable.

For detailed information about the Diamec Smart dill, click here and go to the Atlas Copco website.

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