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DRONES: Microdrones has full line of drones for mining

UAVs such as those from Microdrones are increasingly popular in the mining industry.

GERMANY – Microdrones UAVs are taking the global mining industry by storm.

Less expensive than the helicopters traditionally used by the industry to gain an aerial perspective, drones are providing mining companies with mapping abilities that provide better results and drastically improved flexibility for a fraction of the cost.

Many Microdrones mining customers use our systems to survey mine progress multiple times per day. The mdCockpit app makes it easy to plan, monitor, and repeat missions and flight paths.

For the mining industry, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the potential of drones to improve efficiency and cost. Some of the most common UAV mining applications include:

  • Mapping deposit sites
  • Surveying mines
  • Exploring for minerals
  • Monitoring stockpile volumes
  • Tracking equipment
  • Time-lapse photography

Multiple models are offered to suit various customer needs. Accessory packages are available for multispectral, thermal, methane gas detection, and LIDAR.

Microdrones has an office in a suburb of Montreal. Call 866-874-3566 or visit

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