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FLUIDS: Graco launches Pulse fluid management system

The many parts of the Graco Pulse fluid monitoring system have a single goal – transparency from the service bay to the back office.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Graco Inc., a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, is excited to announce the launch of the Pulse fluid management system, an innovative wireless fluid management system for vehicle service.

Built upon Graco’s legacy fluid management technology, the Pulse system provides forward-thinking service operations with the insight, control and analytics needed to simplify decisions and drive profitability in the age of the seamlessly connected shop.

“Based on thousands of hours of testing and customer feedback, we redesigned the Matrix total fluid management system, transforming it into the Pulse fluid management system,” said Joshua Holmstadt, Graco’s lubrication equipment division product marketing manager. “The Pulse system is designed with the user in mind. This simple and versatile system allows managers and other key stakeholders to monitor the business and access reporting tools from any network connected device including PCs, tablets or smartphones.”

Technicians dispense thousands of dollars of fluids every week, including petroleum and synthetic-based oils, coolants, gear lube and more. The Pulse system allows users to know what type of fluid was used, how much, where and when it was dispensed, and who was performing the work.

“We perform nearly 3,000 oil changes per month, and topping off a five-quart tank to 5.2, 5.5 or even 6 quarts can easily lead to 1,000 quarts that have not been billed,” said one service manager who field tested the product. “With the cost of oils, this creates an expense burden on parts or service, but with the Pulse system, that burden is lifted. My technicians are held accountable.”

Users can capture previously lost or unassigned costs and uncover hidden profits with the Pulse system, easily tracking bulk fluid activities and monitoring inventory from the storage tanks to dispensers. The Pulse system provides transparency from the service bay to the back office, allowing decision makers to know what’s happening at any given moment.

The Pulse fluid management system’s applications extend beyond the automobile industry. Opportunities abound for other industries including mining, fleet services, trucking, heavy construction, oil companies and more.

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