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HARDFACING: Duroxite survives sliding wear and high impact, says SSAB

Wear life tripled when Duroxite 500 was used to replace manganese liner plate at a copper mine.

SWEDEN – Duroxite 500 is the latest addition to the range of Duroxite overlay products made by SSAB. It is designed for applications involving abrasive wear and high impact in dry and wet environments.

Duroxite 500 can replace cast materials, titanium carbide overlay products or ceramic materials. Duroxite 500 is suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including mining, oilsands, cement, steel production, and more. The applications suitable for Duroxite 500 involve rock sizes of up to around 500 x 500 mm dropping from 5 metres or lower.

Duroxite 500 overlay contains complex borocarbides that are 200 times finer than chromium carbides. The complex borocarbides prevent spalling and cracking when exposed to high impact. Lab testing shows that the impact resistance of Duroxite 500 can be up to six times higher than chromium carbide overlays.

SSAB’s new overlay had a wear life of three times the material it replaced at one copper mine. When the cast manganese liner plate was replaced with Duroxite 500 in the belt machine head, wear life increased from 15 to 45 days. The tonnage also tripled – to 2.7 million tonnes of ore compared to 900,000 tonnes for the cast liner.

Duroxite 500 has a uniform through-thickness hardness of 67 to 70 HRC for single and multiple-layer overlays. It maintains a high hardness of approximately 60 HRC after exposure to temperatures up to 600°C.

The wear properties of Duroxite 500 are guaranteed throughout the overlay down to 75% of the overlay thickness. The remaining 25% of overlay is the transition layer necessary to maintain good bonding to the backing plate.

SSAB is the only supplier that guarantees a maximum weight loss for overlay products according to the ASTM G65-Procedure A test. With a tested maximum weight loss of 0.18 grams, Duroxite 500 meets the high standards set by the customers.

Duroxite 500 is available through Hardox Wearparts, the global network of wear service centres. Today the network includes more than 500 centres in over 90 countries. All centres can be found at

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