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PUMPING: KSB offers mounting adapters for submersible pumps

MISSISSAUGA, ON – KSB now offers a new family of mounting adapters that will make it simple to install KSB’s efficient and reliable Amarex N submersible pumps in facilities that were originally configured for pumps from other manufacturers.

SB’s claw adapter for submersible pumps.

KSB’s claw adapter for submersible pumps.

Submersible pumps used in wastewater treatment facilities are typically installed on a duckfoot and claw arrangement. The duckfoot, also referred to as a discharge elbow, is a fitting that is located at the lower end of the outlet pipe, normally at the bottom of the tank or well. When the submersible pump is lowered onto place (usually with a guidewire or guide rail system), a claw adaptor mounted at the outlet nozzle of the pump engages with fittings on the duckfoot to ensure that the pump is properly aligned with the outlet pipe. The pump is held in place by gravity. When it is necessary to gain access to the pump to clear a blockage or for service, the pump can simply be hoisted to the surface.

Each pump manufacturer provides duckfoot fittings that are designed for their products. However, KSB’s new mounting adaptors make it possible to use KSB pumps as “drop in” replacements for other manufacturers’ pumps without any changes to the plant infrastructure. With these adaptors, which are simply bolted onto a pump’s outlet nozzle, pump owners can take advantage of the excellent reliability, efficiency and long service life of KSB submersible pumps without disruptions or expensive plant modifications.

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