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SOFTWARE: Micromine releases Geobank 2020 for geological data management

Geobank 2020 Credit: Micromine

Geobank 2020 Credit: Micromine

AUSTRALIA – Micromine, a mining software solutions provider, has released a new geological data management software, Geobank 2020.

The release features significant additions and modifications to the popular software product, which makes data management simpler and more efficient for geologists and engineers and has been designed in collaboration with clients and end users.

Geobank 2020 has been built with enhancements to provide users with a platform to interact with their geological data using creative intuitive interfaces and customizable forms.

“One of the most highly anticipated features of Geobank 2020 is the new form designer. The form designer streamlines and facilitates business processes and, in turn, increases data management accuracy and efficiency,” explained Ian Whitehouse, product strategy manager.

“The ability to design and build forms also enables users to create intuitive interfaces and rich tools to produce better information. It’s about configuring our tools to facilitate our clients’ processes, rather than them having to change their processes to fit our tools,” Whitehouse added.

With a new and improved licence manager, Geobank 2020 also gives users access to licence borrowing, activation and transfer functions.

The latest release also enables data sharing between all of the popular industry file types.

“Within Geobank 2020, it is possible to pass data parameters to third-party applications in a ready-to-work state. A ‘connector’ has also been included so Geobank 2020 offers full .dat unicode support,” Whitehouse added. “As a result, Geobank 2020 offers a dynamic, efficient and scalable software solution that will help companies of all sizes better record, access, review, integrate and utilize their essential geological data.”

Geobank 2020 will be showcased at the PDAC convention held in Toronto in this March and will also be available in March.

Micromine is a provider of intuitive software solutions for the mining process.

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