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TIRES: Oxair develops tire-filling solution for remote sites

AUSTRALIA – Oxair announced that it has developed a compact nitrogen generator that allows remote operations to fill truck tires on-site without ongoing cylinder deliveries.

In a press release, Oxair explained that its plants offer a continuous flow of gas extracted from the atmosphere. They also use Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), which is a membrane technology that utilizes cost-effective filtration methods for onsite nitrogen production.

The system can be set up to produce nitrogen for a wide range of high purity and flow requirements.

According to the Perth-based firm, the generators help miners reduce their carbon footprint because they eliminate the need to have cylinders transported from an off-site facility and then back when they are empty.

“At Oxair we manufacture nitrogen plants for the tire industry which are cheap to run and once installed require minimum maintenance,” David Cheeseman, the company’s chief engineer, said in the press brief. “They are built to last and are operator friendly, making them crucial where tires may be difficult to change or service due to the remoteness of the location or application.”

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