Toronto-based Tahera Corp. presented a princess cut diamond--the 'Nunavut Stone'--to the People of Nunavut on May 6, as a symbol of an emerging industry in Nunavut. The 2.2-carat gem quality diamond from Tahera's Jericho Kimberlite will be placed on the Territorial Mace, which is made of minerals and materials from Nunavut. It was the largest stone polished in a cutting exercise last year that involved 43 diamonds extracted from a 10,000-tonne bulk sample taken in 1996. Pictured at the presentation were (left to right) Joseph Gutnick, president, CEO and chairman of Tahera, Hon. Kevin O'Brien, Speaker of the House, and Hon. Paul Okalik, Premier of Nunavut.


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Mar 04 2024 - Mar 05 2024
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