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ALUMINUM: Orbite portfolio of patents grows to 21

MONTREAL – Orbite Technologies has a portfolio of intellectual properties that includes aluminum recovery that now totals 21. Plus the company has received seven notices of allowance. The latest patent it received is patent 2012286482 titled “Methods for separating iron ions from aluminum ions” from IP Australia.

The company has also received notices for 4/005,885, “Processes for recovering rare earth elements from aluminum-bearing materials” (United States), for 2,863,755, “Methods for preparing hematite” (Canada), and for 201280044914.7, “Methods for separating iron irons from aluminum ions” (Australia).

Orbite noted that all patents are for a period of 20 years from their filing dates. Licensing opportunities are available.

Orbite Technologies ( has a resource estimate for its Grande-Valee alexandrite and REE project in Quebec.

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