ANNIVERSARY: GIW celebrating 125 years

GEORGIA – 2016 marks the 125th anniversary of GIW Industries Inc. Businesses rise and fall for many reasons, yet despite experiencing many […]
GEORGIA – 2016 marks the 125th anniversary of GIW Industries Inc. Businesses rise and fall for many reasons, yet despite experiencing many of those reasons firsthand, GIW has continued to thrive. The secret to success isn’t much of a secret: For the past century and a quarter, GIW has never lost sight of the customer. GIW focuses its energies, investments, and expansions on being the best pump partner for clients. And although the company has a rich and colourful history, there are five common values that have helped GIW stick to this commitment since its inception.
  1. Hands-on problem solving: GIW Industries began as a small foundry and machine shop in Augusta, GA, in 1891. As the company grew, this hands-on approach has taken employees around the globe to wherever mining, dredging, and industrial companies demand systems that expand the limits of moving slurry. The most valuable lessons and most innovative products continue to be developed through these down-and-dirty experiences.
  2. Continual research and development: GIW employees focus on research and development not just to help clients realize success in any application but also to uncover knowledge that pushes the boundaries of the industry. Thanks to this focus, and to our highly regarded staff of slurry experts, the company has built some of the most impressive products, facilities, and expertise in the industry.
  3. Product creation driven by customer need: Over the years, many of our best products have been developed when clients came to GIW with their most challenging requests. In the late 1940s, GIW produced the Gasite® family of white irons to meet the needs of a phosphate company. This registered trade name is recognized around the world, and it also serves as a great example of the lengths GIW employees will go to in order to solve a customer’s problem.
  4. Openness to company-wide change: What began as a family run business is now an international brand name. This change didn’t happen overnight but was cultivated over decades of thoughtful leadership and a willingness to change. One of the greatest changes happened when KSB purchased 100% ownership of GIW in 1996. Today, KSB and GIW offer single source solutions for both water and slurry pump customers worldwide.
  1. Commitment to long term customer relationships: In the early 1900s, GIW spare parts were manufactured for solids handling pumps in the phosphate industry. The company’s first slurry client, IMC Fertilizer, is still a customer today under its current corporation, The Mosaic Company. Whether you’ve been our customer for 100 years like The Mosaic Company or just for one day, GIW strives to make sure its slurry products make your business a success long into the future.
These are just a few of the examples throughout GIW’s history that have helped propel the company to where it is today. Everyone at GIW are looking forward to the next 125 years as they continue helping customers realize success in their industries while staying ahead in its own. Please visit


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