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ARSENIC: Dundee Sustainable Technologies finishes stabilization plant

QUEBEC – Dundee Sustainable Technologies (DST) of Montreal has cast the first piece of arsenical glass as part of commissioning its new arsenic stabilization pilot plant. The casting was done using DST’s proprietary technology from a stabilization trial run in December 2015.

The glass that was produced was submitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency for testing of its leachability. The non-toxicity of the arsenical glass was confirmed well below the norm, according to DST.

DST’s process uses lower cost chemicals to economically produce a more stable product than current industrial practices. This process is becoming attractive and is opening new opportunities for remediation sites and for deposits or concentrates considered to contain too much arsenic to be exploited using conventional approaches.

Learn more about arsenic sequestration by vitrification at An overview of DST’s cyanide-free method of gold recovery is also available.