BEST METALS COMPANY Fortune Magazine taps Alcan

MONTREAL ALCAN has been named the industry champion for metals on FORTUNE MAGAZINEs Worlds Most Admired Compan...



MONTREAL ALCAN has been named the industry champion for metals on FORTUNE MAGAZINEs Worlds Most Admired Companies list in 2007. Alcan ranked second out of the more than 1,000 largest global companies surveyed for its efforts in the community and the environment, and sixth for its globalness.

The annual survey is a respected benchmark by which the worlds most successful companies are ranked. Alcan was also voted Americas most admired metals company by Fortune Magazine last week. Alcan was the only Canadian company featured on the list and also placed fifth out of all companies for its efforts in the area of social responsibility.

Alcans overall score places it within the top 10 of all 1,000 companies that participated in the Worlds Most Admired survey. The company ranked first in its industry in each of the key nine evaluated areas: innovation, people management, use of corporate assets, quality of management, financial soundness, long-term investment, and quality of products/services, globalness, and community/environment.

In 2003, Alcan implemented EHS FIRST, a key component of Alcans Integrated Management System (AIMS), as the framework and mindset through which the companys commitment to putting environment, health and safety first is translated into recordable and measurable actions.

Between 1990 and 2005, Alcans total greenhouse gas (GHG) emission intensity was reduced by 25%. The company recently committed to a further 10% reduction in direct CO2 equivalent emissions intensity from 2006 to 2010.

Alcan recently was awarded the NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCILs (NSC) Robert W. Campbell Award, which acknowledges the very best businesses worldwide to integrate environment, health and safety management as a key business value. Alcan was also awarded the WORLD ENVIRONMENT CENTERs (WEC) Gold Medal for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development for the Companys comprehensive integration of sustainability into its business decision-making and operations.

Alcan was recently included as one of only five Canadian companies on the annual Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World list. Announced at the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM in Davos, the list has featured Alcan for three consecutive years.

Congratulations may be sent to Alcan president and CEO Dick Evans c/o Alcan Inc., PO Box 6090, Montreal, QC H3C 3A7.


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