BLASTHOLE DRILLS: Bucyrus offers improved cab on 49HR

SOUTH MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — Bucyrus International has introduced an enhanced operator's cab for its 49H...


SOUTH MILWAUKEE, WisconsinBucyrus International has introduced an enhanced operator's cab for its 49HR rotary blasthole drill. The improvements are intended to create a work environment that promotes both productivity and safety, says the manufacturer.


Physical comforts include a new six-way adjustable seat with in-seat controls for all primary functions (drill operation). Secondary controls (air conditioning, lights, etc) are grouped on a panel that can be reached by a seated operator. A footrest to reduce operator fatigue and lower back pain has been added between the seat and front window.


Visual comfort has been enhanced in all conditions including direct sunlight and night. Displays are positioned to reduce head and neck movements. Sight lines have been optimized for improved safety during drilling and drill movements.


Bucyrus also improved its software with intuitive programming. "Active logic screens" allow operators to view and follow all major drill functions. The number of automated drill programs has been increased from five to 20. The self-diagnostic programs have been improved to allow for faster maintenance.


This an other Bucyrus EDGE Technology products may be found at


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