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COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT NEWS – OMA First Nations Video Gains International Preview

The ONTARIO MINING ASSOCIATION's First Nations video "Mining New Opportunities" made its international debut on Mar...

The ONTARIO MINING ASSOCIATION’s First Nations video “Mining New Opportunities” made its international debut on Mar. 6 at the World Mines Ministries Forum in Toronto. This video was the centrepiece of a plenary session on “Mining Education for Indigenous People” held at the mineral conference. <br>
The 14-minute video, which is intended to help First Nations residents gain a better understanding of the mineral industry, was created by BIG SOUL, an Aboriginal-owned and -operated television production house. This video is produced in five languages Cree, Oji-Cree, Ojibway, English and French.<br>
Said OMA president Patrick Reid: “We see this video as a way to help promote partnerships with First Nations to allow for greater participation in the social and economic benefits of responsible mineral development.” <br>
The OMA provided the initial funding, management and development for the project. The Ontario Minister of Northern Development & Mines, Rick Bartolucci, said that the NORTHERN ONTARIO HERITAGE FUND will be a sponsoring partner in this cooperative venture. This support goes along with a contribution from FedNor, which was announced by Nipissing MPP Bob Wood recently.<br>
Mining New Opportunities will complement a second video, to be produced in partnership with the Ministry of Northern Development & Mines, Natural Resources Canada and Indian & Northern Affairs Canada. For further information contact Peter McBride of the OMA at (416) 364-9301,

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