COPPER EXPLORATION: New airborne technology identifies skarn and porphyry potential

NEVADA - HoneyBadger Exploration of Toronto has completed an extensive airborne geophysical survey over its propert...

NEVADA — HoneyBadger Exploration of Toronto has completed an extensive airborne geophysical survey over its properties in what is said to be the first commercial application of Geotech's audio-frequency magnetics-passive electromagnetic system technology, AirMt. The survey was flown in the Yerington Copper District of western Nevada.


The AirMt survey was conducted over HoneyBadger's Blackjack and Roulette properties as well as past producing mines and known porphyry copper and copper oxide deposits in the area. These other areas include the Ann Mason and MacArthur deposits, the Gallagher, Blue Hills and MacArthur North porphyry targets, the MacArthur and Blue Hills oxide copper deposits and the Ludwig, Douglas Hill and Casting Copper (skarns).


Initial interpretations indicate that the AirMt system has not only defined known copper porphyry deposits, but has been able to differentiate associated rock types and alteration as well. The signatures and structures of the defined and known deposits mirror several strong anomalous responses on HoneyBadger's property and are interpreted to represent skarn and porphyry mineralization.


According to HoneyBadger, the patent-pending AirMt system used by Geotech over Nevada is leading-edge audio-frequency magnetics (magnetotellurics) technology. It uniquely measures magnetic fields in both the audio and sub-audio frequency range. This gives the system numerous advantages; notably unprecedented depth of penetration ("seeing down" kilometres rather than hundreds of metres) and detection is independent of absolute resistivity. Thus it requires only sufficient contrast, which makes the system ideal for the exploration of porphyry-type deposits.


The power source for AirMt is distant lightning strikes, of which there are approximately 100 per second around the globe on a continuous basis. The magnetic field generated by these lightening strikes propagates around the earth, penetrating deep into the earth's crust. AirMt detects and reads current channelling from all geologic structures (both vertical and horizontal) assisting in the understanding of the conductivity and resistivity of the geology it passes through.


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