DATA: Immersive Technologies’ OPA driving improvements at Ok Tedi

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – At the PNG-owned Ok Tedi open pit mine, there is a heavy focus on operator safety. As part […]
OPA dashboard Credit: Immersive Technologies
[caption id="attachment_1003733448" align="aligncenter" width="550"]OPA dashboard Credit: Immersive Technologies OPA dashboard Credit: Immersive Technologies[/caption] PAPUA NEW GUINEA – At the PNG-owned Ok Tedi open pit mine, there is a heavy focus on operator safety. As part of this commitment, the operation has established the first fully-integrated Operator Performance Analytics (OPA) system through a long-term partnership with Immersive Technologies, utilizing the company’s workforce optimization technology to drive workforce improvement. Ok Tedi has opted to establish an OPA installation on-site to improve safety and machine care among operators. Using the OPA electronic operator scorecard, Ok Tedi was able to drill down to individual operator performance indicators. OPA data can also be filtered specific to machine errors, performance on different machines, performance over time and training history to locate the root cause of a performance trend. An initial dataset, analyzed using 6 months of operational data, was used to identify outlier operators in terms of risk ratings or performance against key metrics. “Operator Performance Analytics has enabled quicker analysis of mine operator performance to identify trends or patterns to mitigate risk relating to equipment reliability and operator productivity metrics,” Masket Siune, superintendent of mine business improvement and training, said in a release. “We now have a reliable operator data platform that gives real comprehensive data view to approach our operators and discuss training development needs or for reward and recognition…” With multiple operational data sources integrated within OPA, Ok Tedi identified high peak frame bias events, prioritizing simulator training for operators contributing the highest error counts. Simulator training can then be conducted, and training data automatically sent back to OPA. OK Tedi plans to extend the use of the OPA to additional machines to further support its operations. Immersive Technologies is the world’s largest proven and tested supplier of surface and underground advanced equipment simulators to the global mining industry. For more information, visit


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