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DIAMOND CORE BITS – AlphaBit Line Grows Longer

SALT LAKE CITY - The latest addition to BOART LONGYEAR's AlphaBit line of impregnated diamond bits combines superio...

SALT LAKE CITY – The latest addition to BOART LONGYEAR’s AlphaBit line of impregnated diamond bits combines superior performance with extended bit life in a variety of drilling conditions, says the manufacturer.

“The new Alpha07 diamond core bit is the ‘go-to’ product that every exploration driller needs,” says Boart Longyear’s sales & marketing manager in North America, Caiomhin Armstrong. Developed for medium hard ground conditions, particularly gabbro, granite, rhyolite and diorite, it features a bi-modal cutting matrix which means the metal powder particles are packed much more tightly than before so they deliver a smoother cut, wear far more slowly and never need to be sharpened,” he explains.

The Alpha07 has been widely tested in Canada, the USA, South Africa, South America and Australia, and it has consistently shown a 25% increase in cutting speed and up to 40% increase in bit life.

AlphaBits bits incorporate metal-coated diamonds and are at the cutting edge of diamond technology. They feature a Ti-coating that allows the diamond to be retained in the crown for longer by protecting it from oxidation and surface degradation during the manufacturing process. Extensive research proves that coating the diamond with specific metals inhibits premature “pull-out” of the diamond and increases the number of cutting edges exposed to the rock. The result is that the diamond can cut for longer and offer significantly improved cutting speed and bit life.

The Alpha07 is available for all rock types, with multiple standard configurations. Customers select the bit (Alpha01 to Alpha10) that best meets their specific drilling needs, based on relative rock hardness and ground conditions.

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