DIAMOND EXPLORATION – Three promising projects

Hunting for diamonds in Canada continues to be a promising undertaking. KENSINGTON RESOURCES of Victoria, B.C., and...
Hunting for diamonds in Canada continues to be a promising undertaking. KENSINGTON RESOURCES of Victoria, B.C., and partner DE BEERS CANADA are launching an advanced exploration and evaluation plan for their Fort la Corne diamond project in Saskatchewan. The venture has budgeted $25.6 million for work to be done in 2005.

Their plan seeks to delineate at least 70 million carats in the ground from the higher-grade units within kimberlites larger than 20 ha in the south-central cluster. There are 20 such bodies. Four of them were extensively explored from 2000 to 2004 inclusive, and three more were drilled in 2004. The remaining 13 bodies will be tested with up to 10 diamond drillholes each to determine their higher-grade units. The partners think nine of these will produce strong results for further coring of the higher-grade units. Of these, it is believed six bodies will graduate to mini-bulk sampling. A description of the work is posted at www.kensington-resources.com.

Vancouver-based ASHTON MINING OF CANADA has recovered a total of 457 carats of diamonds from a 664-tonne bulk sample collected at the Foxtrot property in north-central Quebec in 2004. The valuation of the diamond parcel is planned for early April 2005. The Foxtrot investigation is a 50:50 joint venture of ASHTON and SOQUEM of Quebec City.

The joint venture has now prepared a preliminary three-dimensional model of Renard 2, 3, 4 and 65 indicating that the four bodies contain an estimated cumulative tonnage of 17.7 million tonnes of kimberlitic material. The estimated tonnage is based on the drill data available to the end of 2004. Additional drilling is required to more accurately determine the true magnitude of the four bodies. Keep up with the latest news at www.ashton.ca.

TWIN MINING CORP. of Toronto has released partial, preliminary results from its 2004 soil sampling program at the Vista claim blocks near Jackson Inlet on the Brodeur Peninsula of Baffin Island. To date 15 indicator mineral clusters have been identified on the claims. Two of the anomalous collections of indicator minerals are coincident with prominent aeromagnetic anomalies detected in the mid-1980s by a survey flown for the Geological Survey of Canada. Final soil sample results are expected next month, and a drilling program is being planned.

STORNOWAY DIAMOND CORP. has an option to acquire a 51% interest in the Vista claims from Twin Mining. For details see the news at www.TwinMining.com.


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