DISRUPT MINING: Five finalists set to pitch ideas

VANCOUVER – Goldcorp and Integra Gold have announced the five finalists set to pitch their disruptive technologies to a shark tank style […]
VANCOUVER – Goldcorp and Integra Gold have announced the five finalists set to pitch their disruptive technologies to a shark tank style panel of judges, as well as the 11 semi-finalists that will be showcasing their innovations during the #DisruptMining innovation expo on Sunday, March 5. The five finalists seeking the $1 million investment in a proof of concept from Goldcorp are:
  • Bio-Mine Ltd. Using a bio-intelligent, augmenting consortium of organisms designed specifically for targeted metal recovery and remediation. This changing technology is programmable to specific mineralogy in many different environmental conditions, making it a leap toward the zero footprint goal..
  • Cementation Canada Inc. Using a combination of existing and proven crushing, pumping and slurry technologies, Cementation has developed a model for process injection hoisting that would eliminate the need for mine shaft production hoisting or trucking. The technology is adaptable to all mining methods and would substantially reduce energy consumption and ventilation requirements.
  • Goldspot Discoveries developed a machine-learning algorithm capable of significantly improving mineral exploration targeting on both a regional and local scale. The algorithm is used to stake acreage, acquire projects and royalties, and invest in public vehicles to create a portfolio of assets with the greatest reward to risk ratio. Managed by seasoned industry experts armed with a unique technological edge designed by Data Miners, the runners up in the 2016 Integra Gold Rush Challenge.
  • Kore Geosystems Inc. The true power of machine learning and artificial intelligence can only be unleashed with robust, high quality data inputs. Kore plans to install instruments onto drill rigs that can provide real-time, automated data accelerating timelines for multiple mining stages and decision making intelligence.
  • TradeWind Markets Inc. is a new electronic trading, settlement and custody platform for physical gold bullion. TradeWind uses a combination of distributed ledger technology (blockchain) and exchange technology to unlock functionality in gold bullion, vaulted with a G7 government counterparty.
The semi-finalists have also been named. They are Acoustic Zoom, 1BGC Engineering, Dundee Sustainable Technologies, GeoLEARN, GroundTruth Exploration, Heads Up Display, Objectivity.ca, Minrail Inc., New Mining Solutions , Scanimetrics, and YieldPoint Inc. They will showcase their ideas at the daytime expo from 2 to 4 pm. Link to #DisruptMining video https://vimeo.com/195817154.


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