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Check your mailbox. The November issue of CMJ containing the only printed buyers' guide for the mineral industry wi...


Check your mailbox. The November issue of CMJ containing the only printed buyers' guide for the mineral industry will be arriving soon. Similar information is available through the Internet, so why is our November issue so valuable? The computer age was supposed to free us from the endless paper shuffle, but it hasn't. The fact that people still use paper is testament to its endurance as a medium of sharing information. The printed page is lightweight, convenient and low-cost. It works during power blackouts and when the Internet fizzles. And, very importantly, the CMJ buyers' guide is focused on the products and services necessary for all aspects of mineral exploration and production. The buyers' guide issue contains information in hundreds of product categories and thousands of subcategoriesfrom abrasion-resistant materials to x-ray analysis, from exploration drills to reclamation.

The fact that CMJ's buyers' guide is focused on the mineral industry and the unmatched convenience of a paper magazine, make our November issue a must-save for the entire year. It can be read on the bus while you commute or in the cafeteria at lunch. If you don't know where on the Internet to find a product, service or supplier, it only takes a second to open up the magazine and find the facts. This issue complements the information found on the Internet; it is not intended to replace it.

The Business Information Group of Hollinger Canadian Newspapers, which owns Canadian Mining Journal and is this country's largest publisher of B2B magazines, directories and information products, has launched its new web site at This is Canada's B2B online buyers' guide and industrial directory serving over two dozen markets. The buyers' guide contains over a half million industrial company listings, more than 20,000 product categories, and 40,000-plus searchable product and brand name listings. Companies may be registered for free, and the buyers' guide is continually updated. I'm tempted to say if you can't find it at esource, you don't need it.

In truth, esource is a one-stop web site offering much more than the buyers' guide. There is news, the opportunity to buy and sell goods, requests for proposals, on-line financing, e-learning, mailing lists, and lots of useful links. There are links to information on various sectors such as manufacturing, resources, transportation, and many more. A simple click links to product information including specifications, videos and catalogues. The "My Directory" feature allows the user to save favourite company search results in a personal address book, and registration is free. Readers may sign up for free e-mail newsletters (including CMJ) covering nine industries. And there are paid on-line services (including The Northern Miner) in four others. Using esource it is possible to search for information in all articles published by the Business Information Group.

Support the companies listed in our buyers' guide, at the Canadian Mining Journal web site (, and available through esource. They want your business, they have the expertise to supply what you want, and they are among the best and most innovative to be found anywhere around the world. We are proud to be associated with them, and our readers will be, too.


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