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DOING SOME MORE DIGGING PDAC Meeting’s Good Friends, Prize Winner and Ugly Behaviour

I will just add a note to Marilyn Scales' summary of the PDAC convention, which ran from March 7-10. I have attende...

I will just add a note to Marilyn Scales’ summary of the PDAC convention, which ran from March 7-10. I have attended this convention most years since 1976, and as far as I know this year’s convention had the largest numbers of both delegates and booths. It was great fun to meet with people who came to our booth for information or just a chat. I was particularly cheered by the number of old friends who came to check up on us. There are a few old standbys like John Larche and Bill James who are an indispensable part of the convention for me.

This year we gave away a golf prizea large-head driver and a golf watchto one lucky person who had thrown a business card in our bowl. There was keen competition for the feather-weight driver. To be fair, we arranged for two uniformed RCMP police to come over and draw the winning card on the last day. And the winner was Peter Cashin, an information officer with the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development & Mines in Sudbury, Ont. Now Peter just happens to be the co-author of an article in our January/February 2004 issue but the card was drawn fair and square. Congratulations Peter, and thanks to everyone who entered the draw.

There was one bizarre aspect of the trade show that I would like to point out. At several occasions on the first three days of the convention, I saw two or three scantily-clad young women walking up the aisles, inviting people to a company hospitality suite. These women were apparently models who were hired to attract attention with their clothes. I felt badly for them, and I think using people like this reflected very badly on the company and on the tone of the show. Several other people (not just women) objected to this behaviour. I hope I don’t see that again; it has no place in a business show.

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