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DOZER: Get low ground pressure with Komatsu D155AX-8 LGP

Komatsu’s new D155AX-8 has 47% lower ground pressure than comparable models.

ILLINOIS – Komatsu America has introduced its new 264 kW D155AX-8 LGP (low ground pressure) dozer which incorporates the proven Komatsu technology used in the D155AX-8, enhanced with two blade options and more track on the ground. With 12% wider track gauge, 9% longer track on ground and 47% lower ground pressure than the standard model, the D155AX-8 LGP offers improved performance, floatation and stability.

Compared to the standard model, the D155AX-8 LGP’s newly designed eight-roller undercarriage provides greater traction and optimum balance, while significantly reducing ground pressure.

Equipped with either large capacity semi-u blade or an angle blade, the D155AX-8 LGP can move large amounts of material, while the wider cutting edge reduces the number of passes needed when grading.

“The D155AX-8 LGP is excellent for applications that require lower ground pressure and can be especially useful for energy and pipeline work,” said Chuck Murawski, product manager, Komatsu America. “When equipped with 965-mm extreme service shoes, angle blade, and towing winch, the D155AX-8 LGP has a higher operating weight compared to competitors for increased useable drawbar pull with a powerful towing winch.”

For applications that don’t require an angle blade, higher capacity 9.9 m3 bushed semi-u dual tilt and pitch semi-u blades are available.

Despite its heavier weight, the D155AX-8 LGP’s longer and wider track maintains a lowest in class ground pressure of only 53 KPa. The ground contact area is increased by 72% from the standard model for improved floatation in soft ground, and the long and wide undercarriage provides better stability on slopes and excellent machine balance. The eight fixed mounted track rollers per side distribute the machine weight.

The roll-over protection system cab provides nearly unobstructed visibility to both sides of the machine and there are no external ROPS posts to block the operator’s view. Komatsu’s ergonomically designed Palm Command control system (PCCS) gives operators maximum control, offering a relaxed posture and superb fine control.

Optional rear attachments include a counterweight with rigid drawbar (3568 kg), a hydraulic winch and long drawbar.

Whether rented, leased or purchased, the D155AX-8 LGP is covered by Komatsu CARE for the first three years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first.

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