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DRONES: Dundee chooses Exyn aerial robots to automate gold mining

The A3R can fly inside underground without maps or GPS.

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. – Exyn Technologies announced on Feb. 26 the commercial availability of its Autonomy Aerial Robots (A3Rs), the first and most advanced fully autonomous aerial system for data collection in GPS-denied environments.

Toronto-based Dundee Precious Metals  selected Exyn as its technology partner to advance its initiative for digitization and automation of its underground gold mining operations.

“The Exyn A3Rs allow frequent and high resolution mapping of underground environments while reducing risks to personnel. We are very excited at the results of the maps we are seeing,” says Theophile Yameogo, VP digital innovation at Dundee.  “As we further integrate the A3Rs into our workflow we anticipate a transformation of operations compared to today’s models.”

Exyn’s A3Rs are driven by the company’s proprietary software, exynAI, the most robust commercially available software platform enabling full autonomy for aerial robots. Exyn has deployed its A3Rs as a service for customers in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

By utilizing Exyn’s aerial robots to automate mapping and surveying, Dundee is transforming its underground operations in three vital areas:

  • Improving the quality of mapping data captured when compared to traditional surveying techniques;
  • Improving safety by reducing the amount of time spent underground by human operators; and
  • Increasing operational efficiency by having more accurate and up-to-date information for mine planning.

Exyn’s A3Rs operate without the need for a human pilot and in environments where GPS cannot penetrate. They are fully self-contained, intelligent systems designed to operate without the need for any prior information, persistent communication, or GPS. With all intelligence on board, the vehicle is capable of carrying out high level missions in complex and completely unknown spaces.

Exyn’s multi-sensor data fusion pipeline allows each robot to optimally assimilate measurements from a variety of on-board sensors including 3D Lidar, cameras, and inertial sensors to generate a robust state estimate of itself and surrounding environments.  When married with Exyn’s real-time navigation software stack, the robots can safely avoid collisions with both stationary and moving obstacles during requested missions.  Moreover, its robots are also able to do real-time simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) to enable highly accurate map generation.

Exyn will be showcasing its capabilities and results at the PDAC conference, March 3-6 at the Dundee Precious Metals booth #2649 and Booth #7225N.

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