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DALLAS, Texas QUADREM, the global e-marketplace for natural resources industries, has significantly enhanced its...


DALLAS, Texas QUADREM, the global e-marketplace for natural resources industries, has significantly enhanced its technical platform and successfully migrated its growing global community of more than 3,000 buyer and supplier organizations to a powerful new solution suite.

Quadrem's recently deployed technology platform includes: 1) an industrial-grade, globally-deployable hosted order management application known as SupplyCentre; 2) an upgraded Quest RFx application, which now delivers simpler bid management, stronger reporting capabilities and improved user adoption capability; and 3) a scalable and robust XML trading network infrastructure that incorporates proprietary customizations and enhancements.

Quadrem's SupplyCentre is a web-based application that allows suppliers to receive and respond to orders. Additional xCBL-based business documents such as Invoice, ASN, order status request/result, and remittance advice are also supported. Goods receipt and service contract management functionality are being added in the second release of the application, scheduled this month.

Quest, Quadrem's electronic sourcing tool, which automates and manages all aspects of the request for proposal/information/quote process, is now more powerful and convenient to use, says the developer. The newest release delivers a more intuitive user-interface, designed to simplify the entire bid management process; an enhanced sourcing module that provides the flexibility users need to win new business; additional reporting capabilities that provide the trading community with real-time visibility to current and historic sourcing events; and a new online tutorial module that accelerates user adoption.

Quadrem (www.quadrem.com) facilitates and automates the supply-chain process for both suppliers and their customers. Its shareholders includes Alcan, Barrick, Inco, Noranda, and at least a dozen other leading global mineral producers. Quadrem's Canadian office is located in Mississauga, Ont. To find out more Call Mike Rose at 905-306-2779 or toll-free at 866-782-3736 (866 QUADREM).


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