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GEMSTONES: True North secures process plant

GREENLAND – True North Gems of Vancouver has bought and shipped the recovery circuit for the Aappaluttoq ruby and pick sapphire mine near Nuuk. The equipment will be shipped shortly and placed in the newly completed mill building later this month.

The processing plant was engineered and procured under the supervision of Novus Technical Services of Vancouver and other international consultants. After extensive ore testing the front end of the plant comprises primary jaw crushing followed by secondary cone crushing. The secondary crusher is preceded by a large stone recovery circuit to prevent oversized rough gemstone material from being compromised.

The middle section of the plant removes fine material and mica using an ore scrubber and screen. The scrubbed ore is then separated into a low and high specific gravity fraction through a conventional ferrosilicon dense medium separation (DMS) circuit. Extensive metallurgical tests have shown a good recovery of corundum-bearing rock reporting to the high specific gravity fraction using standard DMS plant operating parameters.

The back end of the plant treats the DMS concentrates with infrared drying, screening and optical sorting. The sorting equipment identifies shades of pink to red colour of the corundum and extracts that material using air jets. This creates a corundum bearing super-concentrate that is ready to be shipped to the company’s rough handling facility in Nuuk.

The company’s proprietary inventory and chain-of-custody software RubyTrack™ will follow each daily ore block through the plant, enabling True North to reconcile mine grade information and track each stone batch from the mine through mineral processing, grading, and sales.

True North also announced the appointment of Mike Schmidt as processing plant manager.

Complete information about the Aappaluttoq open pit mine is posted at

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