GIS SOFTWARE: Teck chooses ESRI for global enterprise platform

VANCOUVER - Teck Resources has selected ESRI as its platform for building a global enterprise geographic infor...

VANCOUVER - Teck Resources has selected ESRI as its platform for building a global enterprise geographic information system (GIS). Through a three-year enterprise license agreement (ELA), Teck will deploy ESRI technology throughout the organization to support the its exploration projects, business units and operations.

In recent years, ESRI technology has been an integral part of Teck's spatial data management with focus on geological compilations, topographical modeling, mineral resource targeting, asset management, 3-D visualization and environmental analysis. Recognizing the opportunity to utilize a number of advanced analytical tools in conjunction with the significant time savings and efficiencies from using GIS, Teck is extending the system to users in all departments across multiple jurisdictions.

With the ELA, Teck has gained unlimited access to ESRI ArcGIS technology, a robust platform for managing vast amounts of geographic information. The integrated software suite helps users to easily compile, analyze, interpret, visualize and share geospatial data on desktops, servers, mobile devices and across the Web. ArcGIS is interoperable and has enabled Teck to connect spatial data with other enterprise applications such as those used for resource calculations, mine planning, land tenure administration and document management. This functionality has provided Teck's staff with the ability to accurately and efficiently access information, enhance decision-making capabilities and maximize opportunities.

"Businesses are increasingly moving towards enterprise GIS deployments to improve their operations and achieve economies of scale," said James Wickson, ESRI Canada VP of sales and professional services. "Through our enterprise license program, customers can affordably expand their use of ESRI technology to implement a full enterprise GIS that will increase collaboration and enable their entire organization to leverage the power of geography."

For more information on ESRI Canada's ELA program, find your nearest ESRI Canada regional office at


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