GOLD EXPLORATION: Testing groundwater to find gold

NEVADA — Nevada Exploration, which is headquartered in Toronto, has linked anomalous groundwater chemistry to...

NEVADANevada Exploration, which is headquartered in Toronto, has linked anomalous groundwater chemistry to the discovery of a gold-bearing hydrothermal system at its Fletcher Junction property. Specifically, the company has identified a large area of hydrothermally-altered bedrock containing geochemically anomalous gold and gold-associated trace elements.


Nevada's Phase 1 drilling program tested the concept that an undiscovered gold-bearing hydrothermal system is responsible for the anomalous gold in groundwater found at Fletcher Junction. To minimize exploration costs during early concept development, the company positioned the Phase I drill holes along natural access corridors on top of the Aurora Crater lava flows. Vertical, percussion drill holes successful identified the lateral movement of anomalous groundwater; eroded, altered rock; and altered, geochemically anomalous bedrock.


The company has submitted a new plan of operations to the US Forest Service to complete a target-delineation. The Phase 2 drill program will consist of angled core holes designed to test the vertical fault zones believed to contain the ore-grade gold mineralization that sources the anomalous gold measurements.


The Fletcher Junction Phase 1 drill results are significant and represent an important milestone, according to Nevada. They demonstrate that groundwater chemistry can be successfully used to discover new, untested, gold-bearing hydrothermal systems in covered bedrock settings. Nevada has used the same groundwater chemistry exploration technology at 10 other of its properties.


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