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GRAPHITE: Specialty foil made from Molo concentrate

MADAGASCAR – Energizer Resources of Toronto has confirmed that an independent third party successfully made a graphite foil from the company’s Molo flake graphite concentrate. Initial tests indicate that the material from the mine 145 km southeast of Toliara makes a foil that meets all specifications and quality requirements for specialty applications.

Tests consisted of two separate 5-kg samples of jumbo flake (+48 mesh) concentrate grading  97.0% C. The concentrate was then purified using standard methods to greater than 99.9% C before being thermally expanded and made into a foil.

Energizer said in a release that expandable graphite (foils) is the fastest growing market for flake graphite and represents approximately 10% of the global consumption of natural graphite. In its foil form, graphite is used as a heat sink and sealant for consumer electronics. Foils are also used in fuel cells, vanadium redox flow batteries, in seals and gaskets for the chemical and automotive industries, fire retardants, and many other products.

The next step is for the company to provide a large bulk sample of concentrate for a production run test. Samples will then be sent to potential end users for them to test as to their suitability in commercial applications.

Energizer has a 100% interest in the Molo graphite project. More information is available at

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