HAULAGE MANAGEMENT – Russian diamond producer to expand Wenco system

RUSSIA - Pleased with results so far, Russia's diamond mining company, ALROSA, has signed a contract to expand its ...
RUSSIA - Pleased with results so far, Russia's diamond mining company, ALROSA, has signed a contract to expand its use of the WENCO software applications that it began using two years ago.

In the fourth quarter of 2004 ALROSA commissioned Wenco's mine management system at its Jubilee mine. The system is installed on 81 pieces of mobile mining equipment including HaulPak, Terex and BeLAZ trucks, Demag, EKG and LeTourneau loading equipment, and SBSH drills. The production department and mine management have been using Wenco's MineVision and Fleet Control real-time information system to monitor equipment status and productivity. The foremen and dispatchers have successfully employed automatic dispatching, speed control, payload monitoring and other features of the Wenco system.

ALROSA has reported that Jubilee mine increased the volume of truck haulage by 13% in the first year, allowing for a savings of US$ 2.8 million in operating costs as a result of using the Wenco System.

Based on these results and the system reliability, ALROSA is equipping four drills with digital recording equipment to monitor and transmit drilling parameters.

Additional software modules for recording fuel consumption will also be installed. A fuel station computer and onboard equipment interfaces to fuel sensors will provide detailed information on fuel quantities delivered and used as well as aid in the automatic dispatching of equipment to the fuel bay when required.

Wenco's local specialists will continue to provide full-time onsite support for system software and hardware. They assist dispatchers and other users in the general operation of the system, provide additional training as and when required, and ensure that the mine is using the system in an efficient and effective manner. Additional remote technical support is provided from Wenco's head office in Vancouver. The company's website is at www.WencoMines.com.

Visit the ALROSA website at www.Alrosa.ru. Alrosa discovered its first kimberlite deposit, the Zamitsa pipe, in 1954.


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