Hitachi’s road to productivity and zero emissions

To help the mining industry solve global challenges, Hitachi offers several solutions on its road to zero emissions such as electric excavators, […]
Hitachi is on its way down the road to zero emissions. Credit: Hitachi.

To help the mining industry solve global challenges, Hitachi offers several solutions on its road to zero emissions such as electric excavators, trolley trucks and trolley battery technology. These sustainable and environmentally friendly products can be leveraged to optimize mining operations.

One of Hitachi’s newest solutions is the efficient EX-7 Series mining excavators. Building on the success of the EX-6 Series line, the EX-7 Series showcases improved features and sustainability technologies, which help customers reduce total costs of ownership.

The most recently released model, the EX2000-7, is a prime example of these excavators’ measurable efficiency. It features main pump electronic regulators, high hydraulic efficiency regeneration, and a cooling package that work together to help reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% (compared to the previous EX1900-6 model with Cummins engine). These excavators also enhance operator safety and comfort with features such as a newly designed cab, an emergency evacuation system and Aerial Angle system.

Hitachi’s electric EX-7E Series excavators, which includes the EX2000-7E, EX2600-7E, EX3600-7E and EX5600-7E, reduce carbon emissions by running directly off substations. These excavators feature Hitachi electric motors that produce high torque with greater efficiency than diesel engines. Customers can also experience reduced ownership costs from minimized maintenance and reduced consumable parts that are no longer required, such as radiators, air filters and mufflers.

Hitachi’s line of haul trucks, the EH3500AC-3, EH4000AC-3 and EH5000AC-3, are designed, built and supported by Hitachi through vertical integration. They feature advanced AC-drive system propulsion technology. This system includes features such as pitch control for improved stability and slip-slide control, which increases traction and reduces tire slippage on acceleration and tire lock-up during braking. The AC-drive system and additional integrated technologies help provide the trucks with a competitive edge.

Hitachi’s trolley truck technology is another contributor to more sustainable mining operations. This technology utilizes DC-powered overhead lines to assist trucks up hills. When the truck operator connects to the line, the hauler switches to trolley power, resulting in an increase in speed up the grade and reduced emissions when compared to engine power alone. The system integration is all packaged through Hitachi – from components to support. Trolly assist offers a midway point between diesel and full electrification.

In the future, Hitachi plans to offer retrofitted trolley battery technology for existing trolley truck fleets where engines are already in place. The trucks would then be able to maintain productivity in a reduced carbon environment.

“The whole journey is about having a better bottom line in a more environmentally friendly way,” says Hitachi mining trucks product manager John Schellenberg.

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