Jama launches new generation of mobile rescue chamber

As a part of the development of the mining industry of the future, Jama has launched the new mobile rescue chamber MRC […]
Jama’s MRC 2 provides a clean environment should it be needed.
Jama’s MRC 2 provides a clean, comfortable environment should it be needed.

As a part of the development of the mining industry of the future, Jama has launched the new mobile rescue chamber MRC 2. The stainless steel chamber seats up to eight people comfortably at room temperature, provides clean, fresh air without the use of masks, and is protected from gas and dust.

Sitting in a rescue chamber means that an accident has occurred and can be a transformative experience. Since the rescued people may need to sit for many hours in the chamber, in the development of MRC 2, Jama has placed great emphasis on creating a comfortable, safe and secure environmant.

At the centre is the air purification technology, which cleans the air of carbon dioxide and continuously adds new oxygen to maintain a good atmosphere in the chamber. The exhaled air is captured by a scrubber, that chemically binds the carbon dioxide. This means that the need for fresh air masks has been eliminated which also applies when visiting the rescue camper’s toilet. Avoiding using a mask is a great convenience and significantly reduces stress.

The MC 2 maintains room temperature and prevents contamination. To lower the temperature in the rescue chamber, it is showered on the outside with water. Air quality is continuously monitored.

Air from a tube maintains an overpressure that prevents pollutants such as dust, smoke or gases from penetrating. This is built up in two steps to ensure overpressure throughout the chamber, even in the air lock.

Jama’s new rescue chamber is mainly powered by 230 V, but if the power supply is interrupted, a reliable and well-sized battery pack is activated that lasts up to 50 hours. If needed, the battery capacity can be increased.

The chamber is stainless and thus maintenance free. It has curved sides for maximum durability. It meets all safety requirements, including the current national and international standards and guidelines such as EN16191:2014, HSE and ITA.

Jama is the leading (if not only) manufacturer of mobile rescue chambers. Learn more at www.Jama.se.


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