KSB introduces MDX-850, its newest and largest hard rock pump

KSB is introducing the the newest and largest addition to its line of GIW slurry pumps: MDX-850. Mining operators are experiencing increased […]
MDX-850 is the newest and largest addition to KSB’s line of pumps. Credit: KSB

KSB is introducing the the newest and largest addition to its line of GIW slurry pumps: MDX-850.

Mining operators are experiencing increased demand for minerals and ore. As KSB customers sought to increase production, the need for a mill duty pump larger than the MDX-750 was clear.

With its 762 mm discharge and 2336.8 mm impeller, the MDX-850 is a major step up in size from the MDX-750. The MDX-850 is now the largest hard rock pump that KSB produces with an 850 mm discharge, 2,600 mm impeller. It is intended for mill duty applications and optimized for severe duty service class four slurries at heads up to 40 metres and flows as high as 16,000 m3/hr and class three slurries at heads up to 55 metres and flows as high as 18,500 m3/hr.

With its unmatched capacity and wear performance in class four service, the MDX-850 sets a new standard for mill duty slurry pumps in hard rock mining and boasts ideal hydraulic and casting designs. The sizing also contributes to the ease of pump maintenance – a source of pride in the design of KSB’s line of GIW pumps.

Design features of the MDX-850 also include a variety of improvements applied to the MDX range in recent years, such as an increased pump width to allow for improved diverter design, and a thickness increase in critical areas of the impeller to improve operation and wear life. Thickened impeller vanes, cast in proprietary materials Gasite 28G and Endurasite, improve wear life, so the lifecycles of wet-end parts match scheduled downtime.

The MDX-850 features an improved interface between the suction liner and the suction plate, which allows for the use of a wear ring and innovative hydraulic features at the pump inlet. The MDX-850 design is compatible with the GIW RAMSL technology upgrade, so customers have the option to make their maintenance program even more efficient with a state-of-the-art digitally enabled suction liner adjustment system. RAMSL allows for remote nose gap adjustments and monitoring. One engineer can adjust the suction liner in a pump remotely, with a precision of 0.25 mm, at the touch of a button on a control panel.

Applications and advantages

The impeller vanes are designed with a goal of improved wear life. This allows for the life cycle of all wet-end parts to match in order to streamline maintenance and minimize potential downtime. Genuine OEM replacement parts are essential to maximizing machinery wear life. Both standard sealing options utilize packing and are low flow to aid in water conservation.

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