MAGNETOMETERS – GEM offers advanced GSMP-35

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario - Earlier this year, GEM ADVANCED MAGNETOMETERS released a new instrument for high-resolutio...


RICHMOND HILL, Ontario - Earlier this year, GEM ADVANCED MAGNETOMETERS released a new instrument for high-resolution resource exploration, its GSMP-35 magnetometer-gradiometer series designed for exploration of traditional and subtle geologic targets.

This optically pumped potassium instrument is designed with overall data quality, cost control and ruggedness in mind, according to GEM. Data quality is ensured through the highest sensitivity in the industry (4.7 pT/Hz at 20 Hz); minimal heading (orientation) error of less than +/-0.025 nT; and precision sensor design. Ergonomic design, high sampling rate, and many added navigation and other features help to keep survey costs under control. The system is covered by the industryfs longest (two years) and most comprehensive warranty.

The potassium mineral magnetometer has been designed with hands-free, backpack-mounted operation for ease-of-use in the bush and difficult terrain. Another feature is in data acquisition; the system uses a ruggedized Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) for key acquisition tasks, including system setup, data recording, and most uniquely, navigation. The PDA also gives the operator additional safety as it is compact and can be easily stored during difficult traverses. For greatest efficiency and to minimize the number of cables required, data are transmitted from the recording instrumentation to the PDA using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Navigation features include the ability to integrate a high-precision, internal GPS unit for accurate positioning of anomalies and geologic units to less than 1.0 metre. The system also supports georeferencing of existing maps and import of way points. These latter capabilities enable the geophysicist to effectively plan surveys prior to reaching the field and to minimize resultant errors by loading waypoints from a personal computer to the PDA without any manual manipulation of data. Many different data types are supported for explorationists working around the world.

In addition to its 25-year history of innovation in magnetometer design and manufacturing, GEM is known for its customer service and support. To learn more, visit


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