MINING PEOPLE (October 03, 2002)

GLENCAIRN EXPLORATIONS has added two new members to its board. James W. Ashcroft, formerly president of INCO's Ont...




GLENCAIRN EXPLORATIONS has added two new members to its board. James W. Ashcroft, formerly president of INCO's Ontario Division and now president of his own company involved in mine safety and environmental planning, joined on Sept. 25. The following day, Patrick J. Mars was appointed. He has a career spanning 37 years in mining finance. The board now totals seven individuals, four of whom are independent of the company. Further, shareholders have approved a name change for the company to GLENCAIRN GOLD CORPORATION. Contact Glencairn CEO, Kerry Knoll, at 416-860-0919.

Jan Klein, a geophysical consultant with 37 years' experience, has joined the newly-created technical committee of TAN RANGE EXPLORATION. He retired from COMINCO in 1998, and was previously employed by SCINTREX in the development of geophysical equipment and field techniques. Tan Range is active gold exploration in the Lake Victoria area of Tanzania. A complete profile of the company can be viewed at

GREAT WESTERN MINERAL GROUP has reorganized its top management. Former president Neil Yingling resigned on Sept. 30 to re-establish his private financial and industrial management consulting practice. He remains on Great Western's technical advisory committee. Gary L. Billingsley has been named interim president while continuing in his current capacity as chief geologist and director of project operations. The company is based in Saskatoon and has a gold prospect and a diamond prospect in Northern Saskatchewan. Its web site is

The new chief operating officer of CREW DEVELOPMENT CORP. is Wolf K. Seidler. He is a mining engineer with 30 years experience in Canada and abroad, including the development and operation of several narrow-vein gold mines. Crew is attempting to become a focused mining company rather than the diversified holding company it has been. The company has interests in base metal mines in Zambia and South Africa. It is also active at a variety of exploration and development projects around the world. Check it out at


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