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Management moves announced this week: Graeme Currie is now an advisor to Adamera Minerals. Andrey Shamis has been appointed interim CEO of […]
D. Reddy Credit: Equinox
[caption id="attachment_1003740502" align="alignleft" width="170"]D. Reddy Credit: Equinox D. Reddy Credit: Equinox[/caption] Management moves announced this week: Graeme Currie is now an advisor to Adamera Minerals. Andrey Shamis has been appointed interim CEO of Angus Ventures, succeeding Patrick Langlois in this role. Shamis joined the company’s board in 2017. Miloje Vicentijevic has resigned from his role as Benz Mining’s president and CEO but will remain on the board. Mathew O'Hara, a director of the company, will act as interim CEO. Alexandre Belleau has been named COO of Champion Iron - Belleau joined the company in 2016 and most recently held the general manager of projects and innovation role, leading the efforts around the mine's proposed phase II expansion project. Doug Reddy will transition to the COO role with Equinox Gold at the start of September, once Attie Roux, the company’s current COO, retires. John Gammack has been appointed CEO and president of Far Resources, replacing Toby Mayo who will be moving into the position of VP technology development. Gammack will also serve on the company’s board. Steve Cashin has joined Fiore Gold as director of technical services. Cashin is the former operations manager at Barrick's Pueblo Viejo operation in the Dominican Republic. Hayden Locke has been appointed president of Marimaca Copper. Adrian McArthur is now the CEO, president and a director of Meridian Mining with Gilbert Clark stepping down from the interim CEO role; Clark will remain a director of the company. Brad George is now the CEO of Orosur Mining, succeeding Ignacio Salazar. Alex Tsakumis is now the VP of investor relations with Prime Mining. Russell Starr is now the president and CEO of Trillium Gold Mines, with David Velisek resigning as CEO and James Lenec stepping down as president. Velisek will remain on the company’s board while Lenec will serve as VP of business development and as a director.   Board changes include: Andy Wallace has joined the board of Allegiant Gold. Carsten Korch has been named a director of Asante Gold, following the passing of Florian Riedl-Riedenstein. Ron Hall and Carlos Escribano have stepped down from the board of Benz Mining. Escribano will continue to act as the company's CFO. Newman Wayne Reid has joined the board of Leocor Ventures, following Charanjit Hayre’s resignation. Peter Weidmann has retired from Meridian Mining’s board. Euler De Souza is now on the board of Nippon Dragon Resources. Matthew Quinlan, the interim CFO of Trevali Mining, has been appointed to the board of Noront Resources. Thomas Masney is now a director of Orosur Mining, replacing HD Lee. Elodie Grant Goodey has joined the board of SolGold.


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