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NET NIT – Taking issue with the Detour Lake article

Two readers reacted to an article in last week's Net News, "GOLD EXPLORATION - Detour Lake drilling yields 101...

Two readers reacted to an article in last week’s Net News, "GOLD EXPLORATION – Detour Lake drilling yields 101.9 g/t gold intersection".

Bill Bird, president & CEO of International Taurus Resources, wrote: "I note the article on the 100-gram gold assay from 1/3 metre of core at the Detour Lake mine. This is good news; however, think of the coverage International Taurus Resources SHOULD be getting at its Fenelon gold project, about 60 kilometres east of Detour Lake (on the Detour Lake Break, same general geology but much higher grade). We have many cores, with up to 6 metres of high-grade gold, that run well in excess of 100 grams gold per tonne. We have several 1/3- to 1/2- to 1-metre core lengths that run 1,000 grams per tonne.

These cores and our progress toward production are a great story but we have even better news. Taurus is merging with American Bonanza Gold Mining Corp. (You did mention this a couple of months ago.) Bonanza has a near-production property, the Copperstone in Arizona, that is as great as the Fenelon."

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Raymond Hietapakka commented: "101.79 gpt over 0.3 metres (less than one foot) sounds almost like a GRAB SAMPLE to me…"

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