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NET NITS Top Junior Mining Companies, Geostats, Scanty Clothing and Bissett Mine Opening

In response to the article we published in the Jan/Feb 2004 issue of Canadian Mining Journal about the Top 10 Canad...

In response to the article we published in the Jan/Feb 2004 issue of Canadian Mining Journal about the Top 10 Canadian junior mining companies, comes this comment from Othmar Steinhart: "My top 10 List would be Eastmain, Sur American, Rubicon, Metalex Ventures, Pacific Minerals, Metallica, Pacific Rim, Nevada Pacific, Stornoway, IMA Exploration. Enjoy, they are good."

Jan W. Merks( weighs in on the statistics issue: "The difference between geostatistics and classical statistics is that the latter provides unbiased confidence limits for contents and grades of conventional ore reserves whereas geostatistics cannot possibly give unbiased confidence limits because it violates the requirement of functional independence and ignores the concept of degrees of freedom."

‘Lyn Anglin ( had an opinion about the Doing Some More Digging column in last week’s Net News. "Way to go Jane! Thanks for pointing out that not everyone thinks ‘scantily-clad women’ belong at a business event. It’s just not all guys anymore! I wasn’t at PDAC this year, but we had a similar situation at the Cordilleran Roundup this yearbut enough people complained (about a very well-endowed, tightly
and revealingly tank-topped lady at a booth, who ended up signing semi-nude pictures of herself for delegates) that I hope we will not see it again next year.

In response to a recent article, ‘GOLD EXPLORATION NEWS – Bissett Mine to Reopen’, comes this comment from a service provider, Brian Lazich ( "I am manager of Teknikum North America Ltd. We are a rubber manufacturer that specializes in rubber mill liners and material-handling hose. I visited the Bissett gold mine several times when John Hutchison was mill superintendent to discuss mill liners, and I hope to quote prices for mill liners and hose when the mine reopens. You can contact me at, telephone 705-522-1717, fax 705-522-4231.

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