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TORONTO - A pro-mining business blog,, has been launched aiming to become a valuable Inter...


TORONTO - A pro-mining business blog,, has been launched aiming to become a valuable Internet information portal on the global mineral industry.

Business blogs can influence the media and political decision-makers, and shape public opinion.

"Unlike most blogs that usually have only one writer or voice, Republic of Mining invites senior executives and other industry leaders to submit commentary and speeches about contentious issues and challenges," says site developer Stan Sudol. "The blog will also profile the great mineral regions of the world like a National Geographic of the mining sector," adds Sudol, a Toronto-based columnist, communications consultant and executive speech writer.

Aboriginal conflicts, threats from NGOs, the commodity super-cycle, a shortage of skilled workers, urban indifference and government red tape are only a few of the many challenges facing the mineral industry today.

The industry's many green initiatives, ability to alleviate poverty, enormous wealth creation, and infrastructure development in isolated regions are stories that are seldom covered in the mainstream press.

Sudol says, "The sector has not effectively communicated the high tech, sustainable mining practices of the 21st Century that will significantly decrease its environmental impact. Republic of Mining will provide a much-needed industry perspective especially to a younger digital audience, which uses the Internet as the source of most of their news."

The Republic of Mining will also focus on the history of the industry. For example, the gold rushes in California and South Africa's Witwatersrand, the copper wars in Montana, the union battles in Sudbury, and financial leaders such as Canada's Peter Munk who created an empire of gold are all extraordinary stories.

Regularly updated content about mining politics, industry profiles and commentary from key players, plus exciting stories from the past ensure that the Republic of Mining will become a key information portal worth visiting by the mainstream media, political decision makers and the digital generation.

Contact Stan Sudol by phone at 416-929-1734 or by e-mail at [email protected]


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