ONLINE EDUCATION – ChevronTexaco launches lubricants course

CALIFORNIA - CHEVRONTEXACO PRODUCTS COMPANY has launched its LubricantsUniversity (, a...


CALIFORNIA - CHEVRONTEXACO PRODUCTS COMPANY has launched its LubricantsUniversity (, an online training and informational resource for individuals in the lubrication and maintenance markets serving the commercial on- and off-highway, construction, mining and industrial segments.
LubricantsUniversity will offer online courses designed to further enhance the lubrication skill sets of its target audience and address the constant need for easily accessible technical training. Upon successful completion of a course, the student will receive a certificate of completion.

The premiere course, entitled "Fundamentals of Lubrication," will describe the role of lubrication with respect to preventing wear and friction in mechanical equipment. Viscosity and the lubrication identification systems are reviewed and applied to common wear and friction problems. For a limited time, this course will be offered free of charge.

Upcoming courses will address topics involving heavy duty and industrial lubricants, each containing multiple modules. In the case of the industrial course, the modules address hydraulics, industrial greases, gear oils, bearing lubrication, oil analysis, as well as proper storage and handling of lubricants. The site is designed to be a convenient, cost- and time-effective solution for individuals interested in on-going job-related training and education on relevant technologies, trends, issues and solutions. LubricantsUniversity may expand to address additional markets in the future.

My visit to discovered an "ask the expert" section on the home page which I found to be understandable and enlightening. Visitors are encouraged to submit questions. ChevronTexaco's new Lubrication Magazine is also posted, and the premiere issue contains a very readable history of oil technology.


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