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OPEN PIT EQUIPMENT – Bucyrus to Expand Manufacturing

WISCONSIN - BUCYRUS INTERNATIONAL is expanding its manufacturing operations. Bucyrus' customers are the world's pri...

WISCONSIN – BUCYRUS INTERNATIONAL is expanding its manufacturing operations. Bucyrus’ customers are the world’s primary producers of commodities including coal, copper and iron ore. Global demand for these commodities has increased dramatically and market indicators predict that demand will remain strong for an extended period of time. As a result of the strong commodity market, the demand for Bucyrus equipment to mine those commodities has increased dramatically and the company’s manufacturing operations must expand to meet both current and future product requirements.

Bucyrus began the expansion process in 2004 at its primary manufacturing facility in South Milwaukee. Operating systems and manufacturing capabilities have and will continue to be upgraded. Of particular note is the purchase of a high-speed, state-of-the-art gear grinder and additional high-speed gear-cutting equipment. There have been numerous process improvements instituted as well. New equipment is on order and plans for additional equipment are being reviewed. Through this process over 125 jobs have already been added at the South Milwaukee facility and additional positions are required.

The company has leased a plant in Milwaukee, about 12 km from its main plant, to make the planned expansion possible. The new building was formerly used as a heavy equipment manufacturing plant. The existing infrastructure at the facility will allow Bucyrus to start using the plant immediately and ramp up operations as property improvements are completed. The ramp-up is expected to take 12-16 months with 100 manufacturing employees ultimately being located at the facility.

Information about Bucyrus’ draglines, drills, shovels, parts, service and training are located at

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